About Us

The Open Arms Team

Open Arms Adoption Network is committed to helping build strong, healthy families. We believe that adoption is an enriching and wonderful way to form a family and a positive option for a woman not prepared to parent at the current time. We are dedicated to providing you with a lifetime of support and education.

Open Arms Adoption is a program of JFCS of Greater Philadelphia, an agency serving individuals, children and seniors through all phases of the life cycle. With a commitment to supporting our community and helping to create safe, loving and permanent homes, we are proud to have facilitated over one thousand adoptions during our rich history. Every day we are grateful for our agency’s legacy in the community and every day we seek to build on that positive legacy by facilitating healthy, child- centered adoptions.

With offices in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York and Delaware, Open Arms Adoption Network offers services to families hoping to adopt a baby, as well as providing options counseling to pregnant women and new mothers considering adoption for their baby. In Pennsylvania, we frequently work with Expectant Parents and Adoptive Families in Philadelphia, Norristown and Allentown. New Jersey families include Newark, Camden, Trenton, Cherry Hill, Jersey City, Atlantic City and more. We have worked with families in Wilmington and Newark, Delaware. A majority of our New York Adoptive Families reside in Brooklyn.

Open Arms serves as an educational resource, providing training sessions and workshops for all those touched by the adoption experience.

We understand the complex issues surrounding adoption, and we are dedicated to providing compassionate services to expectant parents, birth parents, adoptive parents and most of all to serving the best interests of children.

We look forward to working with you every step of the way. To arrange a meeting or to learn more about our program, visit the I’m Pregnant  or I Want to Adopt  sections of our website, email info@openarmsdoption.net or call 1.888.OPENARMS (1.888.673.6276).