Ongoing Support

Support for Adoptive Families

We believe that adoption is a lifelong experience, and therefore we offer support to our adoptive families before, during, and after adoption. When you choose to work with Open Arms, you are welcomed into our growing and vital community of birth and adoptive families and children.

Educational Programming

One of the ways we offer support and community is through our educational programming, which offers workshops such as Adopting Transracially, The Hospital Experience Adoption Law and Newborn Care 101 . During these workshops we bring together our families to prepare and support you on your journey to become parents through adoption.

Support Groups

We also offer a number of support groups for adoptive families both before & after adoption including Families Like Ours (FLO) , a group that brings families who have adopted transracially together to share and support one another; and Coffee Talk , a forum for future adoptive parents and those already parenting by adoption to talk about the adoption experience.

Annual Picnics

Twice yearly our Open Arms community gathers together for fun-filled picnics. These picnics are a great way for our families to mingle and enjoy being part of an adoption community. Check out some photos from previous picnics here.

Our Commitment to Support

We are committed to providing support to all of our families throughout their adoption journey, from the initial meeting to years after you adopt. Offering a myriad of workshops support groups , fun family events and personalized services, we are here with you every step of the way.

For more information about working with Open Arms or open adoption, email us at, or visit our calendar to find an upcoming information meeting in your area.